1. I just did this for the fitness challenge and I almost stopped after the squat jacks (my fams I thought I died and my knees popped but I mean my butt ish fabbbs) but I pushed through and now I think I need a nap lol

  2. Just did this workout! I’ve been a weight lifter for some time now and this workout KICKED my butt omg!!! I love that you make it so that we can do it with you, it makes me motivated to actually do the workout. Can’t wait until your next one!

  3. Am I the only one who watches even a workout video from Sam (while doing my nails ?) just to get the positive vibes from her and not doing the workout at that moment?
    P.S thank you Sammy for the positive vibes and the motivation, love you fairy??
    (Will try the workout later though☺️)

  4. Sammmm!! OMG this felt great I have a feeling i'm going to feel this tomorrow! I was wondering if you could maybe do a back workout it'd mean a lot since I am struggling with this particular area. Love you lots xoxo

  5. Please help me! 🙁 I used to have a body just similar to yours because i lifted weights for 9 months and ate super healthy and did my cardio and so on. This was 2 years ago but last year i only ate crappy and became super lazy, i get tired just from walking now. I want to be proud of myself again, but its like i forgot how to even beggin. For the booty and abs you only did this kind of things or lifted weights(i mean hit the gym)? Can i tone and lift my booty again just by doing home videos like these? I even forgot how it is to eat healthy..i should try step by step again i try not but its haaard…. i really would need some MOTIVATION

  6. No I know I’m saying that from the gym all that weight training I think is making me bulky cause I workout 5 times a week 3 weight training days I’ll prob start making it 2 but thanks !!!?????

  7. I have been doing this one time a week I’ve been getting scared lately it looks like my body has been bulking up? so I’m gonna stick to losing the fat so I don’t look so big and do less weight training maybe that’s it any advice ? ?? it’s really scaring me lol

  8. Gurrrrl you slay post op amazing ness!!!!??
    Nothing but good vibes from Sam ALWAYS!!! As always, I send my well wishes your way!! these videos are sooooooo helpful for us home workout booty builders? thank you so much for all your content & hard work!!!

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