1. Hey Rebecca! There are so many videos I feel like I should do one of your exercises every four hours cause they're all so good! How would you recommend we start? One video for a whole week or do one video a day?

  2. I know that people usually say that they'll do updates on their exercises and usually don't. I plan on doing the updates because my family and I are going on a trip outside of the country and I want to be ready to rock some clothes!😂😂 So I am going to work out a lot during the time I have left before leaving for the trip. I also plan on actually keeping up and updating here. I'll probably do once a week. If I forget, please remind me! Thanks!

  3. Hey Rebecca! Absolutely love your workouts 🙂 but is it possible to record it with a louder volume maybe? I play music while working out but even when my music is on low I still can't really hear your voice at max volume.

  4. I have to say it again – you changed my body , my life , my self-confidence forever … I had to change all my clothes to tighter ones. Never felt better in my skin !! You are the best trainer I've had !!! I've been following you for almost two years and you do an amazing job. Thank you <3

  5. Hi Rebecca!
    I am going through some pain in my ankle. I suffered from ligament tear last year, and the pain is back. Could you please tell me what can I do to reduce fat, and gain muscles.

    Thank you 😘

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