1. I almost died just now doing this lol billy I was yelling at you towards the end cause I was in pain. Question to anyone,I’m a female and I used 5lb weights I wanna try 3lb next time I couldn’t move as fast. Should I be concerned about gaining muscle ? Cause I wanna burn fat not gain muscle but I also want to be toned

  2. Thank you, Billy, I had stopped working out for so many years letting responsibilities take away from me. I have gained an extra 40 lbs and feel terrible and my self-esteem is low. But after checking on YouTube for exercises to do at home I happen to google your name and I am so happy to see that you're still creating videos to help us lose weight. Once again thank you I feel energetic just doing one video, I like your technic and how you push us to continue and not give up throughout the class. I am 197 lbs right now, I will let you know my progress as weeks go by and this is to keep myself in check.

  3. I viewed this yesterday and just finished the workout a few minutes ago! I kept my weighted gloves on the whole time (wastes too much time taking them off and on) and I stuck with you, Billy. This is so great and I've subscribed to this channel. I will see you 4x a week and alternate the other days with The Bar Method. Although, I'm a woman, my body is going to be tight like Billy Badass!

  4. About 15 years ago I was 236lbs a lady at work recommended tae bo to me and gave me the very first basic video. I felt kind of weird doing it as a guy at first . After 1 year I had lost 70 lbs. This stuff works! Keep it up.

  5. Working it , I started to plateau so I decided to go back to Billy 15yrs later so far Ive lost another 25lbs in a 1.5 months bringing total to 71lbs since Jan. I feel really engerized and my back no longer hurts to lay on it!

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