1. Hi Nick–I'm proud of you and I'm a new sub to your channels! You have accomplished and ARE accomplishing great things–and overcame a debilitating addiction! I'd like to offer a little weight loss advice: I lost 72 lbs. a couple of yrs ago and when my 25 yr old son passed away w/cancer a yr ago it devastated me, I put 15 lbs back on…I turned to sweets—my heart is still broken but I switch my thoughts whenever I can and ask God for help all the time. Most of us "eat emotionally"—my Dr. told me that! One thing I know from all of these years of dieting (I'm 56) is that you hv to put God first, even in the little things. 2nd, you need to, if at all possible, get your mind off of food, period. I took up jewelry making and Macrame and stopped thinking about food every hour and it worked. Concentrating on food is deadly to a dieter. You CAN be conscientious of what you are eating, just do things to engage your mind on anything but food. Just like eating was a habit for you, your new line of thought and work can be dedicated to something you love to do and then focusing on that. If your focus is on food constantly or too often, you won't break the cycle of food addiction. Switch habits–to something good and healthy (exercise of any kind is VITAL) and I know you will do well. You have people on your side and we care! With much love, and God's blessings to you:)

  2. your news channel brought me here and I'm glad I checked it out.
    2 years ago I went from horrible eating and being clueless about cooking to eating plant based from scratch overnight. I was just fed up with myself! It was a God thing, I think. I lost over 50 lbs and cleaned up my health and just feel better! I lost a bit of steam lately, so seeing you kick ass is inspiring.
    I also kicked alcohol a year and a half ago, so I can relate
    Thanks for the inspiring videos. You're doing great 🙂

  3. Disinfectant is important…eggs are a good high protien for breakfast.
    Chicken with multigrain pasta, yummy😋
    Normal to have plateau's in between, especially with increasing muscle
    Happy for your leg healing. Excellent progress Nick! 👍

  4. I at one time when pregnant followed a diabetic diet because gestational diabetes. It was easy to follow and very healthy. There were "free" foods that were so low in calories I could fill up on them, I lost weight as my baby grew.
    I don't remember all of them but a few were celery, lettuce, green beans, peppers etc.
    I'd cook a chicken breast in the oven with good seasoning, make a salad and use my own dressing, olive oil with red wine vinegar and herbs.
    I was allowed carbs, a slice of bread etc. I used good wheat bread.
    I was also allowed small amounts of something sweet so I wasn't deprived.
    To this day I don't have a problem wanting candy bars or huge amounts of cookies etc.
    Please don't starve your body of food, you will lose muscle, be tired, and lose nutrients you need that can lead to other illnesses.
    In the morning if possible make a smoothie, spinach, fruit, milk, nuts, kale, whatever. Good ingredients, they are low calorie full of good vitamins and antioxidants. I wish I could talk to you personally. It's hard sometimes to work things out yourself.
    Be blessed, I love you brother but Jesus loves you more.

  5. I am going through the same journey after years of trying. Prayer also really works. My attitude has changed after a combination of prayer for self-control and visiting the doctor who warned me to reduce weight to protect my liver. It is simple logic. If we are not losing weight, we are eating too much, because prior I will make excuses for why I don't need to eat less. Less carbs, red meats, and sugary things…..

  6. Hey Nick! Looking good! So I totally messed up today. I decided to have a burrito from taco johns. BIG MISTAKE! I've been eating so healthy that this made me so sick. I always have to learn the hard way! But like you said… Keep moving forward even if you mess up right? Lots of love and God bless. Angi

  7. Nick, your dragon is GORGEOUS! My son and daughter-in-law have over 40 different kinds of lizards, dragons, geckos, snakes and spiders. They love them and I will tell you, their dragons and other 4 legged critters LOVE them too. I think all animals have that ability. You're looking great today!
    I don't know if you're aware of this or not but what you're doing is called intermittent fasting and it IS the healthiest way for humans to eat! No human on the planet should eat more than a FEW hours a day. The idea we must eat 3, 6 or 9 times/day is insane . I don't know if you're familiar with Dr. Eric Berg or not but he has a YT channel, a FB page and a whole bunch of other social media outlets. I THINK he's from BC but not sure. I watch him and use his FB page for questions and such. You should check him out!
    Actually, anyone who's here, Please check out his videos. They are all amazing!! His work is solidly science backed. There are several folks I follow that have been very instrumental in my journey.

  8. Nick, my man ! You jam, my Brother. Love the liznard…cool. If you wonder what they think about its like ; music, reproduction, and food…just like us. My prayers are focused on our successes and its in Yeshua's name…Shalom and DON'T QUIT…OH YEA… DARK RYE BREAD IS DELICIOUS WITH COCONUT OIL AND ALL GOOD CALORIES ✌💛🙏💪😎😇

  9. Psalm 37.4 Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

    Thank you for my pasta meal 😋 Needed cheering up this morning. Poor guy getting Aids working out. You’ve done great getting over your accident Nick. Good look with your weigh in tomorrow.

  10. Good morning Holy😲😲😁😁😂😂 wow never thought of that!! They should be washing those machines allot during the day. Yummmmmy chicken😁😁😁❤❤❤ I have to eat pasta because if swimming. Tommorrow weight in for me😲😲😲😲😣😣😣😣 This morning will be three days this week swim practice. Im getting a cold so its hard this week to do everything but I am😁😁 muscinex. Love that stuff!!! Awwww your so sweet😁😁😁❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍 I did 20 lapst of fly non stop Monday😁😁 Going to start doing it once a week🤗🤗❤ yay for your healing😍😍😍😍😍 😲😲😲😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 dont wake her😂😂😂❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ awwwwwww I love your kids. Hi Max!!! Hi dragon!!!😲😲😲😲😲😲 He looks scarey😂😂❤❤❤😍😍😍 Hes a neat animal😁😁 night dragon😁😁😁 yes thats life. Keep JESUS in your heart. The more you spend with HIM the more LOVE and peace you have in you❤❤❤❤ yummmy!!! That dinner looks delicious!!! Ruth looks good!!!😁😁😁❤❤ You have a beautiful day!!! GOD bless you!!!❤❤ JESUS loves us so much😍😍😍❤❤❤❤🐳🐳🐳🐋🐋🐋🕊🐺🐺

  11. first! 🙂 Lizards are cool… leftover dinosaurs, the ones small enough to breathe in the post-flood atmosphere. God told Noah to bring animals from dry land with "the breath of life in their nostrils" so dinosaurs would have been on the ark (the ones with nostrils anyway) but today's lizards are much smaller. like chihuahua dogs aren't quite like the original dog God made, it's a bit smaller and dumber due to bred-out genetic information. If your dragon can't show love, it's something that it lost in the generations after the flood… not something it hasn't yet developed 🙂
    I have three cats: Princess, Mitzi, and Sebastian. The last one is a street tom we adopted. He gained a bunch of weight once he was here and weighs like 18 pounds, but he wears it well and beats up any other cats that come to cause trouble for the other two.

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