1. lol, get some sleep. Sleep is very important too as the body heals while sleeping. There is a really nice pasta recipe using zucchini, using a potato peeler, peel long strips of zucchini, skin on, and blanch it in salted water, you can then just put the sauce and parmasagn cheese, add a little salt and pepper to taste,. Google zucchini pasta.
    You can also make a cold salad with it by blanching it, letting it cool and adding it to salads or just put salad dressing on it.
    Last recipe is you can cut it in rings about 8 mm thick with skin on, sprinkle salt on it both sides and sit it on baking paper or paper towel for half hour to let the water come out of it, pat it dry then dip it in flour, then egg, then pop it in a fry pan to cook. Add salt to taste.
    Just some really easy things to do with zucchini which has almost no calories but really good for you. I hope this sparked your imagination, there are so many recipe's that are good for you and really tasty.
    Good job, your looking great. God bless.

  2. Bro, I miss ya. I'm so happy to see a friend seek a path to something better and not just ditch it a few days in. Your so worth it bro. Just keep doing what you know is right.

    Keep making those positive choices, watch out for traps along the path, and (a big one for me and my struggles) focus on what's right in front of you, dont get caught up in the noise and you're sure to find your way.

    I might not be there with you in body, hell, I might not have seen you in 10 years. but I'm right beside you in spirit. And always have been.

    Keep up the good job, and props on the vlog i feel kinda like I get to stand in your corner while i cheer you on. Haha

  3. Excellent work!!! Keep it up. You are going to feel much better. Portion control and just walking worked the best for me although I'm a piggy and it took like 3 years to get used to not eating 3 times the amount we're supposed too. The size of your palm. Aspartame makes you gain wait and restricting what food eat will lead to weight gain again. Portion control is the best method, I swear. Diets only work short time. I'm rooting for ya man!!!

  4. I started my fast last night! I’m also going to start walking in the evenings. I’ve been following you for a few days now, you have been very motivating, so thank you! You should make a Snapchat, I would add you!

  5. Psalm 118:14 “The Lord is my strength and my defence; he has become my salvation.

    Your like me a night owl. I want to try and change my sleeping habits though so I can get up earlier, will try. Looking forward to my pasta meal 😋

  6. You are looking great!! I hope you get a chance to read my comment on your 1st video. It was kind of long but it was my story!
    If you can, try to stay away from breads made with yeast! Yeast is not good for the body. You can eat tortilla, pita bread, that kind of stuff. I have a hard time healing and I get sick A LOT so I've had to learn so many things. One thing I DID learn was try to increase your protein and lower your simple carbs. You do heal better when you give your body more of what it needs and less of what it doesn't. I tried the "No Carb" thing. Yeah, not a good thing for me at least.
    Keep up the fantastic job!!

  7. Good morning!!! I guess you are tired😁😁😁 im getting ready to go swimming😁😁 Im swimming a 500 fly first time in along time!! Im signed up for my swim meet. Oct 27th… swimming 500 fly 100 IM 50 free 50 back 50 fly.. yipppie!!! New videos😊😊😊 Hi Max❤❤ Hi ferrot❤❤❤ Your incredible!! Does the gym have a pool?? Have a great day!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🐺🐺

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