1. Just adding that twist and squeeze into my chest workouts (strictly bodyweight training here) has my chest so defined it literally ripples like waves when flexed. Been doing this with pushups after i found this vid a few months back. Really works.

  2. Hi Jeff of ATHLEAN-X!

    When I do the incline push up, I would feel the stretch at my rhomboid muscle (or around that area of the back and I don’t feel the stretch in the lower chest area. I’m trying to contract my chest when doing the exercise but as I’ve said, I feel the stretch at my back rather than the lower chest. Is it normal? If not, how to put the stretch on the lower chest rather than the back?

    Looking forward for your response

    Thank you very much!!!

  3. I'm starting to work out again. Pecs have always been my main issue since they seems to lack behind when compared to the other muscles, but my concern is that I'm really hypermobile and my shoulders "double" joint so I'm not sure if it's safe for me to do this. I recently recovered from shoulder surgery because it "double" jointed while benching heavy and it caused my shoulder to tear and dislocate. So I'm not trying to go through all that again. I'm just asking if it's safe is all. Thank you

  4. omg.. Im late but yesterday I found this video and wanted to try this out. I was super exhausted already after 2 min and did it in the end with 7 min 30s. My chest is really sore now.. I want to give this method a chance and will train with it the next weeks/months 🙂

  5. Hey Jeff! I've got a question for you, though if you can't get to answering it, that's fine. See, after doing this 6 minute workout, I felt like rather than having sore chest, my triceps were really hurting instead and I just wanted to know if that's because I'm doing something wrong, or if it's expected?

  6. I’m a varsity TE and my bench is 185lbs. which isn’t great for a TE, but I’m truly trying to get my bench up, so I’m going to really work on my chest from here on out. Hopefully this workout works for me

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