1. Thank you Josh for getting me to move and open up! With the hot humid weather my fibromyalgia is acting up (my muscles are fatigued and burn at rest) so normal cardio is hard to do but these short workouts are great for me. I go at my on pace and surprise myself when I finish still standing!!
    Thanks for doing these mobility and strength exercises and for the honest commentary!!

  2. I do these exercises in the gym. True, I rarely use the equipment in there but I draw a little motivation from all the others in there because we're all after similar goals. Side note, I can feel the stares from others whenever I start doing the crawl.

  3. Thanks Josh. You make all exercises look so easy. I tried all exercises in this routine. Amazing. I could manage to do all exercises except Squats to lean forward. All exercises are extremely effective. My legs are on fire. Thank you for all your guidance.

  4. I workout in my home. Attempted to workout outside, too cold—50 degrees. And I eat cake—vegan carrot cake. 😁. Thank you for your videos. I have incorporated a lot of your moves into my daily routine and I am having amazing results. I like the voiceovers and I have enjoyed your foodie videos. I am going to try your p&j version. Please keep the videos coming. Again, thank you 🙏🏽 for sharing.

  5. Do my workouts outside or at home and find your videos very helpful (bodyweight and no equipment needed) and inspiring. Thanks for remembering about begginers.
    Squat leaning over wrists. It is a new and challenging movement for me. I saw it in your previous videos but here l noticed how your toes move. Not sure if l am ready to do that😊

  6. I have a freestanding pull up bar on my attic with gymnastisc rings hanging from it, but I also have a really nice calisthenics park outside 5min drive from my home, love training here in summer.
    And also I'm still subscribed to a gym membership, this is where I train in winter months.

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