1. Hi Katie, the workout was really amazing 👍👍❤️. But with the workouts I found that my lower back felt really tense and I had to stop halfway through one of them, my core was engaged as well I was just wondering if it was supposed to be like that or not

  2. Greetings. Thank you for these workouts. I discovered "Love Sweat Fitness" through your Popsugar videos. Regarding resistance band quality, I notice the ones I bought for $20 coil up during the workout, so I constantly have to unravel them. Am I doing something wrong? I am happy to purchase yours instead but look forward to your feedback.

  3. The colors are so fun, I have bands but they are boring primary colors so I’m upgrading and taking these on vacation with me this summer!

  4. Just ordered mine!! Unfortunately the gene pool missed me when it comes to a booty 😒 so I have to double work it lol😂 I have my in-laws mess with me how I got no booty but soon enough I'll have them quite and turning heads and my husband will enjoy having something to grab on to. I can't wait to use them! Love your videos chica! Hope more blessings come your way🌸 ~Mrs.White

  5. I can’t wait to order mine! Unrelated question: what do you think of sparkling water like La Croix or Dasani? Also, I’d love more song challenges and barre boot camps. Thanks for all of your help on my fitness/live guiltless journey!!!

  6. Just ordered them! Can't wait!!! I've lost 15lbs on LSF, but my butt is so stubborn and still needs a little extra help. Hopefully this will boost my booty workouts!

  7. You look so amazing, thank you so much for the workout tips 😍😍
    Girls if you're looking for motivational summer songs for your gym playlist, you might like this song: Flo Tusch – Love ain't cheap

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