1. Awful non-specific to the task warmup, highvelocity exercises not optimally developing size or strength, exercise variations that are totally useless for a physique focused program. And shit programming. Oh yeah, and foam rolling… dear god.

  2. So you got Brie from looking like a weak anorexic, to looking like a weak anorexic – hOw Did yOU dO tHaT?? Oh yeah that's right, fitness bullshittery and bollock buzzword terms not supported by science. Fucking idiot. "Progressive overload technique" fucking idiot.

  3. I'm a bit worried at how the trainer is not picking up the poor form Brie has in some of her workout videos. Like the glute bridge on bench. Sure, you can press much more weight when not going for full extension, but other than that it looks cool, you get don't get quite as much 'gain' from it and can even seriously harm yourself. Also her knee positioning is awkward at times, which could mean serious injuries at some point.

    This doesn't have anything to do with the way she looked; she looks absolutely great and definitely deserves a cookie!

  4. Why is everyone making a big deal about Captain Marvel not having a big butt because "she should fit the super hero physique standard" when no one's ever complained about Spiderman being quite of a skinny build🤷🏼‍♀️

  5. When you go home to recover from this, especially if you hit the gym another hour in the afternoon, what does that entail? Shower/sauna? nap + protein shake? 3 ibuprofen? Just wondering if the recovery is structured somehow? Thanks for any info!

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