1. i already did this for the last three days and i can say that my butt is already more lifted😍 thanks !
    i will totally continue with it!
    guys i can really recommend you doing it even tho its hard😂😂

  2. I’ve done this workout twice a week for four weeks straight and I can finally do the mini leg circles (on both sides) without stopping🥳

  3. Is there a glute workout where Cassey says "if you have ankle weights, go ahead and put them on"? I have this vague memory but I cannot remember which video is it!

  4. Okay people. I NEVER (or rarely) even make the effort to logg in and comment, mostly also not publicly admitting to one of my flaws BUT Cassie you changed my life. It's intense and I'm one of those people who are not easily motivated to stick to something so demanding, but here I am only doing these excersises for like 3 weeks and damn, my booty game is finally….like from nothing to game haha. Thanks

  5. love your workout but I always have to mute the video because your talking is really really annoying. just talk less please, thanks, I don't need to be constantly talked to when im pushing my limits its just rlly annoying sorry

  6. This has always been the most challenging way to work your booty for me. I can barely keep my legs up because maybe my hips are too tight. I don't know how to ever improve on this move. It's so difficult!

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