1. Hey Rebecca, so i have a few questions. First of all, i can not seem to lose fat. If anything, i am actually gaining some. Also my stomach is rounded, is that normal? And lastly, when i do some ab exercises my stomach rounds into like a "log-ish" shape. (if that makes sense) What am i doing wrong, or is that normal? Please help. I have been working out for a year and a half now and have simply seen my body look worse, not better.

  2. I still have to try this one,😅will catch the pace soon. Got my exams near so I am not active in social media so much.🙂 lots of love😍 keep inspiring us all😄💖

  3. Hey there, Rebecca!!!!! How're you doing….I am doing absolutely amazing…..loved this workout!!!😍🙌❤!!!can you make a workout on how to tone the calf muscles and also plz give me some tips so as to make them slimmer and tonner!!!!! …..Thank you😊☺

  4. Hey guys, quick question for you! I’ve been working out for 2 months and I eat pretty well, definitely less sweets than before. I can feel (and see) more muscles, I’ve lost 1cm in my thighs, but my weight… well, it’s harder. I lost 3kgs (6 pounds) and I was so happy, but today, I noticed I gained 2 pounds (1kg) This week I ate less healthy than normal, but I worked out (more than 3hours per week) Do you guys have any tips, or know if I gained muscle or fat or something?

  5. Love your energy and style Rebecca, you are adorable! I have been following your arms and abs work out and I see results everyday, hope to see more videos from you!

  6. Hi Rebecca❤️ I was just wondering if your new workouts were being put into the 30 day calendar. I haven’t seen them in the past couple weeks, just here on YouTube. Thanks! Great workout!

  7. Hey Rebecca! Another awesome workout video but I have a question about single leg deadlifts. Whenever I do them I'm never sure if I'm supposed to squeeze the glute of the leg on the ground, the one that's lifted or both because for some reason I can only squeeze the one that's lifted. I never feel it in the one on the ground when I come back up only when I go down. Am I doing it wrong?

  8. Oh god, I wasn't ready hahaha 🍑 still glad I pushed through… excited to see what you plan for the next week honey,😘😘 would love some glute activation maybe? I'm always feeling my legs instead of my butt. 🍒 Haha or maybe a workout you would do RIGHT before a photoshoot? Have an awesome week Rebecca! 🌸🌸🌸

  9. i always look my yt and wait for your new videos every sunday i love your energy rebecca. i like also your background. looking forward for more

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