1. I tried the calf launch at the gym with a barbell to anchor my feet. My calves seized up after the first rep and I had to go walk the cramp off. I really want to be able to perform the exercise for calf growth and development but I don't want my calves to cramp up while executing the reps. Any advice on how to avoid the calf cramp? And go…….

  2. I tried these exercises and got a terrible pain in my lower calf. The doctor told me that I had messed up my Achilles tendon. It's been months since this happened & I still get the pain. Be careful!

  3. Work the anterior. Dumbbells on top of the feet, in seated position. Lift toes as high as possible.

    Supination and pronation of the foot using either a light resistance band or dumbbell (you'll need to figure body and leg positioning…too complicated to try here).

  4. LOVE the first workout 😍 OMG it's such a feel good exercise. Calves tensioning, lower back working too, and the best part is you just have to let ur body go and pull yourself back

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