1. Lol was thinking to myself "damn that looks like Sweden, similar to where I live". Then I see "Skyttehögskolan". Cool. I cannot even pinpoint what I recognize in the Swedish enviroment

  2. dude you don't need a gym you think the first homosepiance had gyms? they fucking climed tree run after pray and fucked their woman 10 times a day to stay fit and yeah thanks for the vid i started street workout since:
    1) the gym is full of doucebags that demotivate you and sometimes drop little fucking comments that make it hellis to bare them
    2) gym cost money and fuck that shit
    3)the gym makes you a pussy with all that air conditioner and nice treadmills that don't give you any challenge or hills or anything you know always whats coming
    that's it love you man keep on the good work

  3. So, let’s say I have no experience with gyms whatsoever, my biggest fear is that while doing some of the exercises I end up hurting myself, would you tell me not to do it or you think I’m overthinking it? I’d go to the gym but the only ones near me are crazy expansive and I still would like to work out

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