1. Sir I'm not able to do this my weight is 80 kg … I have one doubt how can we increase our sets …. how much is your body fat percentage? …why I'm not able to do like you.. should I take protein?

  2. Kunnu bhai .. khub bhalo . I want to learn this calisthenics .bt I don't know anything abt it. U sorted it from scratch to some level atleast. In my life I have been indulged myself into swimming, badminton and unknowingly calisthenics . Now I will follow u and learn it master it. Do give every details some one is following u buddy. Bye tkcr

  3. Nice bro loved it…simple yet effective…plz keep going as I want to learn calisthenics…I have been working out, lifting weight but I want to do calisthenics as it's very interesting and the body shape that it gives is the best

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