1. Warm up

    – Toe Touches (3×10)
    – Wind mills (3×10)
    – Steam engine (3×10)
    – Arm circles (30 seconds)
    – Plank (30 seconds)
    – Wall stands (30xmax 60 rest)
    – Push ups (3×10)
    – Wide Push ups (3×10)
    – close (3×10)
    – plank (3 x max)
    – chair dips (3×10)
    – Pike hold (3xmax)

    Repeat (Mon, Wed, Friday) (3x per week)

  2. Thanks so much for this video ! Im a beginner who finally decided to start my journey with calisthenics. Also quick question can we still lift weights at the gym while doing calisthenics ? I have some weightlifting experience but I am overweight so it will be hard for me ahaha. My max bench is 185 lbs and my max squat is 225 lbs

  3. Awesome workout bro, I just started doing calisthenics. If your new to calisthenics like this comment and go check out my channel for similar videos 🔥🔥🔥

  4. Hey man! Really appreciate the video! For how long should i keep up with this program? Do you have a follow-up program, for when this program becomes too easy?

  5. Hey awesome vd, Quick question. The positions you showed at the end of the video, are they what we will be able to do eventually?? Or was it part of the routine? I recently got interested in calisthenics and wanted to lose weight and have fun. Recently lost 10 pounds and wanted to try these thanks

  6. Bro eye know with you hitting the weights and calisthenics it helped you at some point find your lane eye watched your videos and other people who added weights with calisthenics eye started this 3 month ago and eye feel great cuz eyem not to focus on one eye balance out but your videos and what you talked about alot helped thanks fam ✊🏿✊🏾💪🏾💪🏾💯💯

  7. I could rock out the workouts Calisthenics 100%.But the name gotta go asap because I hate bullies, we both have the same box body frame but that name gotta go I'm just being honest with you

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