1. THANKS for watching! I'm happy that so many like the Video. BEFORE asking about SETS, REPS, Training SPLITS, "How many times a week can I Exercise?" etc. – PLEASE at least watch the FULL Video 🙂 More Workouts on the Channel – Thanks again!
    00:0501:24 Warm Up
    01:2503:14 Back/Biceps
    03:1504:23 Shoulders
    04:2505:55 Legs/Glutes
    05:5607:02 Chest/Triceps
    07:0308:08 Abs/Core
    08:0909:26 Progression Methods/Variation
    09:2710:15 Workout Examples, Structures & Tips. "How often Can I Exercise?"

  2. Great video. Thanks for your effort in putting it together.

    We get so tied up in going to the gym that we forget how much fun it is to work outside.

  3. I have been watching your videos for couple of years, the best I like its completely nature environment exercise not rely on artificial machines and very decent personality, thanks

  4. i have difficulty understanding what u mean with (3+3) work outs/days..if i want to train muscle group separatly how should the work out be? i want to train one day pull one push and legs

  5. This guy is awesome, he doesnt advertise all of those powders, bars, supplements, and most important thing tbat he had puted in this video all possible exercises we all need to achieve goald, he didnt say a word not before, not even aftet the workout, started with stretching, prepared his body for the war! He knows what he's doing. Lots of respect mate. Well done!🖒💪✊

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