1. OMG I love Rinat 😂😂 imagine being rich and expecting to be sent to a traditional English summer school… and ending up camping in Bradford! 🙈 Her dads a legend!

  2. I actually wish this camp was around when I was a kid it would of done me a world of good to be with kid's my age and size as I was isolated pretty much all my childhood stayed in doors almost all the time had no friends to speak of no visitors heavy curtains on all the windows and was scared all the time scared of people even family members made me feel worthless like I was not good enough I pray these kids find a way to get healthy and have wonderful lives

  3. Stephen needed more structure/discipline at home as well as at camp. I guess it might be different seeing that it is a staff of volunteers, so their standards seem quite lax and easily challenged (Rinat was a good example of this as well). It wouldn't really be a "punishment" to send these kids home, back to the environment where they developed & were enabled in these habits just because they act up. Being so amenable will not help these children develop healthy lifestyles. Feel most for Sebastian though, since he has had years of social issues that he turns to food to help with, and especially in other parts of Europe, being that overweight so young is quite out of the norm. Wish the best for all of them, though.

  4. It's not uncommon for children with parents with eating disorders to develop a very unhealthy relationship with food. Parents that don't have a problem with undereating often over feed there children over subconscious fear of starving them like the starve themselves.

  5. God renat makes me want to punch her ngl. She’s so spoiled just FRICKING be a kid and do what people say cause she’s not alwaysgonna get what she wants in life, lmao she’s gonna learn that the hard way

  6. “They don’t have a clue” I think they can clearly analyze ur out of control 🐖 s that whine about a little stomach ache from missing some calories to lose weight

  7. These kids are fucking HILARIOUS but they should try living in a third world country. Theyre complaining so much they have no idea what true suffering really is

  8. I absolutely hate Renate. She's selfish bias… She can't do anything, since she lives in a city and obviously never was in a nature or something… I hate this kind of girls and kids in general. Remember that girl from Charlie and the chocolate factory? This is just her.

  9. I watch this channel while I'm doing exercises. I haven't been overweight ever so I lack personal motivation – seeing where I could get if I let myself go really works to keep me on my schedule 😀

  10. I wasn't a great fan of Jordan but after seeing his friendship with Sebastian and how he invited him to join him with his Mum and brother for dinner as his parents were abroad. That was so nice of him.

  11. I feel so for Stephen, everyone is loving on Sebastian and he's fine but his problems seem pretty surface, he has a food and self-image issue, Stephen is fighting against horrific parenting and having severe emotional damage done. They overfeed him, send him away, use his dead grandpa as a low blow to try to manipulate his behaviour, threaten to take away something he's doing to work toward his future career ambitions (and that provides some exercise so that makes sense to take way right?)…. The kid definitely has problems but it's clear as a summer day to me why. I see why this camp isn't fit to deal with his problems but I wish we saw them do something to help more than just sending him away. He needs counseling and more than that his parents need parenting classes at the very least. I feel for all these kids but Stephen really got me, I teared up along with him when his asshole father brought his dead grandpa into it…NOT OK!

  12. Any parent who allows there child to be obese should be done for child cruelty people are like oh it's ok it's not like there hitting them or anything by making you child obese your making them lose years off there life and to those who say I dont make them eat stop buying shit for them to eat

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