1. Hi I been 16 hour fasting for 12 days one MEAL n a gallon of water n haven't seen any results😌so by seeing n hearing your video the trick is I have to automatically skip breakfast n lunch every day instead counting 16 hours? Plz let me know so I can change it around course rite my eating hours are everywhere just one meal thank you Excellent video I joined yur channel🙏❤

  2. My experience w omad and plateaus was that occasionally if I ate more calories than my usual, it would push me back into weight loss. Or if I skipped a day of walking.

  3. sweet potato, rice, not very good for someone who is pre, or diabetic! Don't only give advice to normal people! So many people have a metabolisim disorder now a days, you should take this in consideration man!!

  4. Good tips. I hate counting calories and using scales for certain foods that don't have labels, but I found if it's just for one meal a day it's a lot easier. I read in Arnold Schwarzenegger book it's good to do similar to what you're saying – if you save up calories and eat more on other days it keeps your metabolism ramped up from the high calorie days. So if you have 3,000 calorie maintenance and on your diet calories are having 2,000 a day – have 1,400 for two days then on the 3rd day have 3,400 for a net of 2,000 a day. Once you plateau then decrease the calories to say 1800 a day or increase activity.

  5. John, how would something like “reverse dieting” (where you slowly add calories back or reduce cardio to boost metabolism without gaining weight) fit in with OMAD or with the large amounts of cardio you do? With a reduced metabolism it’s harder to create caloric deficits. What’s your stance?

  6. I've recently started eating one meal a day not by design but by necessity and I've been losing weight consistently. However I've also been working out a lot more recently as well.

  7. Why do you use a bot on LinkedIn, always asking the same question? I love the content you produce, but that is obviously a bot. Did u gain anything from it? Did u get new connections? And is it ethically correct to do it? Do you care about using a bot?
    I'm a programmer myself too, and i understand automation is fkin cool, i get it. But coming from a channel called "bulldog mindset", shouldn't you be the one posting instead of a bot?
    At least give the bot a few more sentences to write, the poor thing has like 10 phrases lol
    Maybe LinkedIn isn't worth it anymore for someone like you, maybe. But, if that's the case, why do you still use a bot? Maybe you forgot to disable it.
    Look man, i don't know, I'm just curious.

    Keep up the good work, love your videos. Been watching you for more than 5 years now.
    Love from Portugal ^^

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