1. @Damien Patrick Great channel, just wondering though, you said "it's all about diet" and I understand that. But I want to go back to eating normal foods (not junk food) because eating diet microwave stuff is making me feel weak. Not eat like a pig, but maybe just 3 normal meals a day, with maybe each meal about 800 calories. If I burn roughly 800 calories a day on the treadmill, and lift weights for about half hour a day (3 body parts a day), would that be enough to get/stay lean? Or am I still eating too much? I figure with just the treadmill alone, that would bring my caloric intake to 1600 (3 meals at 800 = 2400 – 800 = 1600). Am I wrong to assume this might be a good plan for me? I could eat less, but I get light headed when I do, and I get headaches. So I'm trying to eat a little more and "burn it off" instead. Can this plan work? Thanks so much!

  2. I have a degree in Exercise Science & Sports Science. Military training and law enforcement. The intensity and volume is so elite for some these youtube enthusiasts it screams caution. Supplements/Vitamins alone have to be over $300 month easily

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