1. This is really incredible. can you make a yoga cardio vid that stretches out the legs but doesn't work them that much? I'm trying not to work my quads and calves bc of injury.

  2. I usually love what you guys do and what you guys stand for, but I can't get behind this video because the title is so so so not aligned with the message, and it just isn't mindful. It's so so toxic. I thought we were supposed to love our bodies. Now we want them to cry? Mindfully building muscle is much healthier, especially for your mind, and it's much more rewarding in all aspects. As someone who has suffered from anorexia for many years along with body dysmorphia, I've found yoga to be a way that I can connect with my body while also working it out, a nice balance that allows me to be soft and care for my body after so much abuse. Body acceptance is a h a r d goal to reach, but I am working so hard. You guys are amazing and have beautiful souls, but please don't bring toxic body talk into this! <3 still love and support you guys.

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  4. This video is insane, this is my go to for every day aerobic yoga and I will keep at this video til i can do it at the same speed as you!!

  5. I'm gonna TRY to update eveyday.
    1) Everytime I did one of those pushups, my arms cracked.
    2) I was a little sore from yesterday. I had to stop a few times during the workout, but I felt good the entire day yesterday.
    3) fell sick and was not able to do it 🙁
    4) still sick
    5) yeah! I'm better! Anyways, I did not realize how out of shape I am. But this is great. The feeling after the workout is the best. I was able to complete more than half the workout.
    6) I was able to do most of the excersises. My legs also look every so slightly more toned.
    7) That was tiring. I could do all the workouts, but just not fully complete them. My body looks every so slightly better.

  6. Just what I needed this evening.,.. a quick heart raising small workout,
    A stressful tiring day , so nothing too big was key for me,
    Thnakyou BoHo, You’re beautiful .
    Best wishes and namaste 🙏🏼 🌹❤️💫🌈💖💐🌸🙏🏼

  7. This is a relaxing BUT intense and highly recommended workout! Great instructor throughout the entire video. Great work and thank you for sharing 🙂

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