1. People really are asswipes aren't they?!. This is what jealousy does to people who are absolute nobodies, who are going nowhere in life. I'm a nobody, but I just insult other nobodies. lol! That last guy was good with the lipstick comeback…..and butthole. LMFAO!

  2. celebs should not whine . they chose to be in the spotlight . and blacklight is light too . accept the mean comments or leave the spotlight . you could just not read those comments but you celebs are such power trip anal beads . you can't even not read mean comments hahahaha take it as it comes . even if it is a brick in the face 😉

  3. How can anyone say anything bad about Gal Gadot.. that shows these are fake and are actually what Jimmy Kimmel wants to say as an insult to all the celebs.

  4. . . . and this is why American are considered the dumbest, most obnoxious people on the planet.

    Following celebrities. And the degree of severe or harsh wording that underlies their social media accounts.

    Do yourselves a favor. Remove social media from your lives. You'll live better. I certainly do.

    It's fun to occasionally post on YouTube simply to deliver that message to you pathetic idiots.

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