1. What is up guys!! The Workout STARTS AT -> 19:00

    The rest of the video is a good long theory class 😜Grab a piece of paper or skip it entirely if you just want to burn out your Chest right away! 😉
    Make sure to download the free PDF with the Full routine + some extra information about the 3 Energy Systems I mentioned on the video.

    ► Download Free PDF here ► https://bit.ly/2XRfbSd
    ► Join the SM ACADEMY (Price coming up soon!) ► https://saturnomovement.com/p/sm-academy

    I Missed you guys! <3

    Hope you enjoy the video!

    With an enormous amount of Love,

  2. That's why I LOVE YOU!!! It's not just a "Get results fast, get bigger chest, etc" type video, where you just say 2 words, then do the insane exercises that nobody or just a little amount of people can do. No, you give a WHOLE knowledge, information that are very important, and the more important factor is: trustworthy!! I study now, and I'll become a fitness wellness instruktor next year, and I learned about that you said, the different energy systems, and the funny part is: nobody said that yet, like on the Youtube, there are a bunch of workout person, and I heard this info ONLY from you!! So big big congratulations Gabo, you're so kind and just wise, and this is WHY I"ll always follow you and love you!
    -Bálint from Hungary🇭🇺

  3. I wish I'll be as fit your dad is at the same age. This routine is really hard meaning complete and challenging.
    This makes me think about the sustainability of the workout we do and the longevity compared to results.
    Keep it ☝

  4. My gabooooooooooooo I love u so much in all calisthenics athletes bro. Your saturnomovement is so awesome. I also want to come and hug you bro. I'm 15 years young teen. I'm learning planche I love your handstand press. That's the cleanest and I like your brother a1fabian hes awesome too love u bro

  5. Watched max all your videos.. I am not able to uderstand how consistent you are..Great Inspiration. Love from India😊❤Pls also share a video how to be consistent and workout schedules

  6. Seeing you have difficults for the one arm pushups makes you little bit more human. I do it with same difficults 🙂
    Good Staff Gabo. nice WOD and nice doing it with your father. Good JOB 😉
    Compliments to your father too of course!!!

  7. Great Video, always happy to see new uploads. 💪😤 – I can do my first one arm pushup by now but would love to see your take on it 👍

  8. With current hairstyle and from some angles you remind me of Bear Grylls 😝

    Also, what do you think is better for hypertrophy : more different exercises with for example 3-4 sets each, or less exercises with more sets each, OR less exercises with circular style(10 pushups, 10 something, 10 something and repeat for 3 rounds) or more different exercises but just one round?
    Hope its not too confusing question 😬 and if it's not, thanks for your reply.

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