1. I honestly love this channel. There is so much information and different exercises for every muscle. I really am glad I subscribed to this channel. I love the content. Keep up the hard work.

  2. on the barbell bench, bringing the bar above the nipple line with elbows flared out is a great way to fuck up your shoulders in the long run. If you bench like that expect to be one of these guys who moans about shoulder pain all the time.

  3. Honestly, this is how all bodybuilding competitions, including Mr Olympia should look like and this sport will be beautiful again

  4. This is way to much for a begginer ! You do all this and you will overtrain ! ! Not even most competitive bodybuilders do this much work ! ! It's ridiculous ! ! !

  5. DON'T you NEED a BEGINNER to STRUGGLE through a beginner's workout? This guy LOOKS like he's been WORKING OUT for, I dunno, at least a MONTH! Heck, he could coach the BEGINNER!

  6. That's actually not only a beginner workout. I build most of my workouts like this, have a similar physique to that dude and have been training for 7 years now.

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