1. Congratulations Jeff on this wonderful endorsement of you by Sylvester Stallone on FB.

    "If you want to get Really cut and defined try this high protein diet! Kidding of course, but the truth is I believe in a very high protein diet with low carbohydrates and an abundance of natural fats there really give you serious energy. But no matter what you eat you cannot do it without proper supplementation, pre-workout supplements and post workout supplements are incredibly important. For years I worked out basically on an empty stomach thinking that I would eat after the workout. But I struggled with maintaining enough energy to throw weights around for an hour and a half. Back in those days everything was experimentation that usually was ill conceived in the gym .. insanely, What I was trying to do by not eating normally, for example, 3500 cal a day , I would eat 1500 calories and my body, requiring a lot of energy would cannibalize all the fat I had stored up over the years and my muscles became very defined, not so large, and the skin thinned out which showed vascularity… Afterwhile I look like one large walking vain. I think I even had veins in my hair !!! I am exaggerating, of course, But it was a foolish way to train. That's why so many bodybuilders from that era or walking around with a multitude of injuries and internal health problems…The truth is, everyone had their own theory, and some were truly insane and quite often life-threatening.… Now The guy the probably knows more about it than anybody is Jeff Cavaliere @athleanx an amazing trainer with an extraordinary amount of knowledge and videos on YouTube, to learn from. He is truly the real deal. I do his workouts and my body burns for a week! It's a good pain because you know things are growing The right way… @athleanx #bodybuilding

  2. Minute 1: Eccentric Floor Flies

    Minute 2: Upper Chest Pullovers

    Minute 3: Crush Grip Press

    Rest 1 Minute

    Minute 4: Upper Chest Pullovers

    Minute 5: Eccentric Floor Flies

    Minute 6: Twisting Spidermans

  3. I have tried it today and I mixed it with my chest workout, trust me guys it really works and doing push ups after workout to see if I worked hard enough is impossible because chest is so pumped. Thank you Jeff

  4. I was doing the first one wrong and it felt like i was inly working my triceps and after looking closely how you did the reps and i started doing the reps the burning kicked in instantly hahahaha

  5. @JDCav24, I was wondering. Those exercises, that make you sore in 6 min are they replacing longer period of training session. Because atm, after I've done that, I am out. Power at 0. Or are they just a part of daily session, that needs to be done?

  6. Heyy Jeff, Quick question, I am considering adding my resistance band to some of these workouts, especially the crush grip press
    What do you think? I am looking to increase strength and activate more muscle fibers. Would be awesome if you did more videos combining resistance bands and weights btw 🙂

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