1. Correct me if I’m wrong, aren’t Blue weights 45 pounds and green 10 pounds? If so that bar in the thumbnail was bending with 100 pounds on each side. Are they using flexible bars so it appears it’s more weigh? (To match the overly thick weight plates)

  2. what stupid format, no disrespect but 3 of top 10 cudnt lift opening weight… this cut system is outright stupid. jst bcoz someones best event comes early or late determines top 10??? what if this event was before sprint we wud have a different top 10!!! what does that say about fairness n merit???

  3. This signifies the problem with this programming that led to the final cuts. Pearce, Adams, and Shadburne fail the opening lift. Helgadottir barely got out of the first round. All four were in the top ten simply because they got the events that were in their wheelhouse in the opening events but aren't capable of doing heavy barbell workouts. These cuts made Toomey's weekend far easier as there was nobody left to compete in heavy barbell events except for Barnhart.

  4. All I see here are SARMS users. Come on. Do people really buy into the fakery of this? None of these women are natural. They're built better than men in boot camp. It takes hormones to gain mass like in the first place with a load of surrounding fat and calories and years of training combined. When I was 30 years old I lifted for 2 years regularly at the gym, took supplements, at 2800 calories a day, gained 25% body fat and took every test-boosting supplement possible and I didn't build arms like these women have. That's how I know they're on gear. Anyone who has ever trained naturally knows that if your testosterone levels aren't around 750+ ng/dl you aren't going to look muscular (unless you're taking synthetics like SARMS, which women take to avoid masculinizing effects, ie, brow ridges, deep voices, etc). It's been documented and reviewed by expert trainers who train 'natural' female athletes that women can't naturally build muscles like these due to women not having the hormones necessary to put on the muscle mass. There are men who can't put on that kind of muscle regardless of nutrition and training because the hormone levels just aren't that high. Sports like these are pure fantasy. People on drugs selling the public on a fiction that just isn't real, ie, that training alone can get you there.

  5. Сколько же Амерекоски стероидов сожрали?! Только на других наезжать. Сами жрут их все спортсмены, ущербная страна. Сорики ненатуральных мутантов))

  6. Who are these commentators? Sounds like they have never picked up a barbell before. Saying Amanda has bar crash…no, look at almost all the other lifters if youre talking about bar crash. Her positioning is pretty damn good and she racks the bar well

  7. Honestly im not interested in watching anymore this year. It was pathetic last night watching the athletes who won the Sprint event not being able to snatch a 55lb dumbell or the following event snatch squat 215lb because they aren't strong enough. It was dumb that the athletes went one at a time like a powerlifting meet. I got bored very quickly.
    I did love that Tia said it was wrong to send the 11 to 20 group home and not let them compete and the crowd roared in approval. This year on all angles is a complete fuck up from the events, the cuts, the rogue announcers, the rap music in the background, etc.

  8. I happen to love the Games so far this year. That being said I understand where everyone is coming from. What I try to remind myself is that human beings came up with this new system and humans are notorious for being flawed in many ways. One good thing about CrossFit is they tend to recognize their mistakes and learn from them. Let's hope this is the case again.

  9. Top 30 athletes do every race. Make it a competition for Toomey. Otherwise she'll win for the next 10yrs. Castro said it a few years ago. That lift he knew Toomey had won the games.

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