1. We're close to 95k subscribers. Share this with a friend who might be interested in developing a six pack and let's hit that 100k mark super soon! Enjoy the good pain this workout will undoubtedly give you 🤪💪.

  2. This workout is great and I love the follow-along format. One thing that make this so so much useful: if you had clear start, stop, and switch sides markers. It was hard to tell when exactly to start and stop, and there was an exercise in the middle where you forgot to say “switch” and I ended up holding one side for way too long. Hope this is helpful, keep up the good work!

  3. First of all thanks man for all this content. Really refined straightforward knowledge, loving it! Been incorporating this into my routine last 3 weeks and my core feels so much better

  4. Thanks for this video and your valuable content! I'm almost addicted to your channel and hope you'll come up with great stuff like this! Please more advanced handstand stuff!

  5. Hi Josh, when you say hollow position, do you mean to flatten the natural lordosis of the lumbar spine – pushing it into the floor while supine? Thanks.

  6. Great vid, great workout. But do you got some more challenging core workouts? I liked it, but I wasnt done after it :).
    I really like your Vids. Great explaining and always a good form.
    I need to work on my hip strengths and mobility do you got something for that?

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Hey!! I think you said in one of your videos that if you have anterior pelvic tilt, you shouldn’t do some of these exercises. I’m wondering if I understood that?

  8. Great video and I shall try them to get tighter on my abs.your body type is easier too though.You look tall and looks like you have a fast metabolism so thicker people will have to watch their intake and increase cardio.Cant wait to see what happens in a month.

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