1. The funny part of this is that the day before I had Stan hit legs with me (then after the gym we headed to your seminar at nutrition direct Joliet); lol he had to be hurting 🙂

  2. Awesome video bro as always

    Can you do me a favor and make a video for beginners and even for ones that have been working out for years about rest periods in between sets. I wont mention the dudes name but he is young lad. Telling every one that rest times for all is 3 to 5 minutes between sets.

    I dont follow this fool but it showed up on my suggested videos for whatever reason. So I was interested in what he way gonna say.

    I feel someone of your stature and well rounded brain of knowledge in the gym, you can make sure people are aware of the specific rest times.

    You deliver the best advice on youtube

  3. Is the 20 second rest a super strict number? When I do my heavy set for bench , I try to hit a specific number of reps. If I feel like I’m going to failure, I’ll re-rack, rest 30 seconds, and finish off my reps ( and try to throw 1 or 2 extra in). I’m trying to change how I train, and I was just curious if it’s a strict test, or if there is a bit a freedom in it?

  4. John, I need your help! I'm 49 years old. Use to play lacrosse and use to have well defined legs (quads &HAMS) I have had two acl repairs. Started working out seriously and seeing gains. But I'm trying to bring up my legs. HOWEVER, Im regulated to leg press for quads and leg curls for hamstrings. Can you give me some advice? BTW, I'm 6'5" 225lbs. Old dog looking for a solid new foundation.

  5. Have you seen/heard about this SST training? Sarcoplasmic stimulation training.. what are your thoughts? To me it sounded more like a glorified name to things we already know 😛

  6. Every workout is incredibly heavy-loaded, and everybody keeps the strict form. I fully understand how you&your disciples make the great legs!

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