1. Thank you for this video! I've been looking for an enjoyable and effective workout I can do from home since I've had my baby and can't just go out to classes like I used to. This is the first time I've actually enjoyed doing a home workout video. It brought me back to my dance roots! Thank you!

  2. Omg such an amazing workout.
    I tried this when I first started my weight loss journey at 220 lbs and couldn’t even get past the first 10 minutes.
    8 months later and under 200 lbs, I was able to do the whole thing and I wasn’t completely out of breath. I had so much fun!!! 😍😍😍

  3. Fun, energetic workout with some cool dance move you can take to your next club outing! Thanks for making this available. Really, really enjoy doing over and over again.

  4. Why lord? Why can't we have 10 or even a hundred of these videos, I searched the whole YouTube, there ain't no thing as great as this, guess I'm just gonna do it twice today, ughghgh

  5. After this video, I was ready to suscribe to "LesMills on demand", but this is not available in Canada yet, so I searched EVERYWHERE for a DVD or a link to other "LesMills body Jam dancing workout" because I've been doing this one over 150 times already, THIS IS THE BEST WORK OUT AT HOME I'VE EVER HAD. The music, the energy, these people, this is just PERFECTION. Ya'll need to come up with new videos like this, or sell DVDs, whatever, I WANT MORE !!!

  6. I just started a SH'BAM class & we do this same choreography. I love it. It makes me miss my dance performances though. I try to do it at home but I'm so tired & sore from my class & kickboxing, I have no energy left. I never even heard of Nina before this, lol

  7. I would rate this: almost good. The moves could be fun and not too challenging for either a non-dancer or a person just getting back into shape. However, the editing on this. Wow. The editor really had some fun with this. Unfortunately, that also means that as soon as you think you're getting the steps down, they cut away from the dancers legs. C'mon. The instructors don't help you out any. They never call out the moves or for how many beats you'll be doing them. So, yeah. Have fun.

  8. that was the bestttttt!!!! please please do another video like this, i love to dance but it's always hard for me to do cheorography, this is the first time i was able to follow up with the dance and enjoy it!

  9. So beautifully choreod and amazing music. Just loved watching and surely going to practice to this video. Thank you so so much. Loved it and enjoyed it.

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