1. Hate to be the one saying this but they couldve just set the charges and throw a grenade at the other entrance, boom problem solved. However it was a decent movie.

  2. This movie suffers from some of the same downfalls that so many zombie movies do.
    The volunteer hero that almost saves the day just before the entire escape plan goes pear-shaped.
    The horde of infected that threaten to overrun everything.

    The whole sunlight angle is a nice twist … but the writers didn't use it very well.

    Good acting. Nothing too overdone or ham-handed.
    Thankfully there wasn't the whiny "I can't shoot my [insert relation] …"

    A good basic plan at first is later made much more complicated and needlessly convoluted.

    7 of 10 just for the decent acting and a few nice twists to the genre.
    Would watch as part of a zombiefest movie binge

  3. They got General Shepherd; Lance Henrickson from MW2! That's awesome! I knew I recognized his voice. This movie honestly was really, really good for such a low budget. Please please please! I hope we get a squeal so we can either find out where Rourke went. PLEASE I got a lot of Mad Max vibes too and it rocks! I also have to give props to the actor who played The"Alpha". He did a really damn good job of being menacing, while not being over the top.

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  5. How to tell if is the worst movie ever? kee fast forward the movie with you mouse till the end, and you won't find any zombies, all you see are living people 🙂

  6. Not bad for low-budget post-apoc vampire movie. Interesting choice for protagonist to us an M1A Springfield rifle. But the movie makes it seem like grenades in enclosed spaces are no big deal. But the blast is deafening & you have to make sure you're clear of the concussive blast.

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