1. Please make more leg workout videos and more full day of eating with the time you eat them and why you eat them. Plus can you also explain macros a people on a bulk or cut needs to be eating 😭💕

  2. I swear, I don’t understand why you haven’t won a show… btw I’d say work on your calves they’re prolly the reason and bit of lower chest as well! Otherwise you’re sculpted to perfection (almost) 🔥

  3. Bro you need to keep your mid section tight between pose transition
    You leave you gut out during these tansition bro
    Other than that you are a mf beast

  4. Why does Steven do all those other exercises first before squatting? Aren’t you supposed to start with the hardest exercise first which are your compound exercise like squats?

  5. Becoming one of my favorite pre gym vlogger bro, im not natty either and just ran tren ace for the first time with no sides at 350mg a week, amazing stuff lol

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