1. حتى النساء الممتلئات عندهم جاذبيتهم .الاعلام الغربي هو الي خلى شكل المراة المثالي هو الجسم النحيل مع العلم انو الغرب عندهم اكبر نسبة سمنة .للاسف الرجال اصبح عندهم هوس بقوام المراة بل واصبح شرط من شروطه قبل الزواج …….!!!!.

  2. Woww awesome u r dance sister I loved it. I don't know Zumba dance I loved u r smilely dance I started 1st day this dance some difficult so hard work but I tried daily better today my dance

  3. The choreography seemed fun, but couldn't follow it much with the terrible camera work. How can one learn dance steps with constant close-ups and changing angles? I had no idea what was going on at several points in the video. You're very pretty but it's hard to learn a dance if one can't see your feet.

  4. The one leading is overweight. Im certain now that these slow movements dont help with weightloss (not shaming anyone, just giving an opinion based on my jugdement)

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