1. Jeff, i was fat for 3 years and now I'm shredding it off and am down 12kg. I always get really bad pain to the touch in my calfs. Can you suggest any exercises that will help strengthen my legs to support my core?

  2. you have not covered hamstring workout till now, this is the one thing people never think about hams training they only focus on quads and calf workouts

  3. Hey, Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest athlete alive, infact the greatest athlete there ever was, or is and he has the best legs, best abs, best physique of all the atheletes.

    You should make a video about possibly how CR7 got those legs. How he might be working 'em out. Thanks.

  4. You're absolutely right! I have no excuses I have gotten lazy since packing in tennis. I don't even do my box jumps anymore. I just squat and say bye 😔🙈
    I will be better and I must be better!

  5. Squats are overrated I do hack squats and leg presses instead and my legs are better looking than most the a holes that do deadlift and squats every single time they go to the gym

  6. Good timing to find this vid, I just started single leg training. I've being wondering should I do my recessive and dominant leg the some way, or do 1 leg more than the other?

  7. Hi there, I have a muscular upper body however my legs are fatty and I fear to train my legs because I don't want to gain any muscle there since it will get bigger and bigger.. What can I do ? Thanks

  8. Jeff. I have watched your vids on her for years. I decided to get your program finally. And I’m sorry in advance to be negative. But your website is really bad and hard to navigate. I purchased it and am unable to access my account. You should look into a app like your Abb training app. Also zero customer service or a place to trouble shoot…… best trainer online..bad site…..SOS

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