1. Why does your accent is so different from another Canadian fitness athlete Jeff Nippard🤨I have no problem understanding Jeff but found it kinda difficult to fully grasp your ideas…Since English is my second language, I just don't get it…Any native speaker here to answer my question?

  2. Chris i like your physique. Looks really classic to me!
    But man, did you see Breon…he's so complete. Mostly the black guys win. C'mon Chris get that Olympia win for all the skinny Whites. Do I sound like a racist😂

  3. Is there something in the water supply in Canada that causes their bodybuilders to be so nice and easy going ?! Then what the Hell is in the American water supply that causes soooo many of our bodybuilders to be 🍌 Bananas and Ape Shit CRAZY ?!( And I know Bananas 🍌 and Ape Shit are the same thing ! ) That's why this American supporters Chris Bumstead the master of civility and good manners. Damn It ! Chris you go Big Man. From America you have my prayers and hopes Chris. Please , just don't go bat shit crazy on us. Peace from America.

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