1. Starting my fast today, I think this video and comments are inspiring. High blood pressure, diabetes type 2, blurred eyesight, BMI 32, neuropathy, bad lipids, headaches, and general fatigue watch out! I'm gonna get off these meds. Great video, thanks

  2. If doing alternate day fasting should you fast on your most active days or on less active days. For example when I work I walk 5-8 km. On days off (due to a chronic pain) I am less active. Should I plan my fasting when I'm moving more. I'm not hungry at work either way. I want maximum weight loss.

  3. How does a person reach out to Dr. Jason Fung ? It may be already too late to help me. I live in the states. Is he too busy to take on new patients ? I need a miracle … an act of God.

  4. Thank you Dr. Fung for your research and service. I’ve started 16-8 fasting 5 weeks ago. My blood glucose reading in the morning gone down to 110 from 140-155 most days, and I have lost 7 pounds in the past five weeks. I’m feeling great and hope to stop taking all my medication soon. My next check up is Nov 15 and will update you all on my progress.

  5. Dr. Fung thank you so much for your research and sharing with the world. I got your book and I enjoyed it. I'm changed my eating habits for better thanks to the fasting. My physician told me to read your book and it opened my eyes to what should be a healthy way of living without paying tons of money to all this diets out there and starving. Today I'm so happy with the results in my personal experience.

  6. I think Dr. Fung is amazing and I have great deal of respect for him, but him random swearing seems forced and makes him seem less less intelligent.

    Your better than random profanity.

  7. Eat what you like and dig ditches for a living. Not a pick of fat to be seen until I stopped working physically and went to university late in life to study engineering and maths.

  8. He isn’t ahead of his time… he is teaching timeless, age old method that Jesus Christ practiced while He walked the earth for 33 years. Fasting and prayer provides total peace and total health. This is nothing new. So thank you Dr. for teaching ancient religious common practices for complete healing.

  9. I'm following dr.fung from past 6 months and I lose 37 kg….and it feels so good after losing that much weight you feel more energetic and healthy…all thanks to Dr.fung ❤️

  10. Our culture places importance on eating if you are not eating you are going to starve, fasting is an F word.
    All religions have some sort of fasting. In my Eastern/Asian culture, fasting is routine. The number of hours of eating is just too much.

  11. He's way ahead of his time, as far as what the future of medicine SHOULD be, and probably will. This sort of information and approach CANNOT be ignored, because it's so valuable.

  12. I just love listening to your lectures Dr Fung MD, that is when I am in a fasted state and working out. Your like a having a fitness coach in the house with me. You are awesome Dr Fung! The Russians have been doing studies on IF and Extended Fasting for years but it was never allowed but now it is. Great Job Dr Fung!

  13. Thank you for your realism about the fact that Humans have been fasting since the beginning of human life. I watched a documentary about a doctor in the 1600 hundreds who proved that fasting can cure many diseases. It is all about money. You are right on.

  14. In islam, teachings of our beloved prophet Muhammad are to fast 30 days once a year, twice a week (Monday & Thursday)
    2. 1/3 of the stomach for food, 1/3 for water and 1/3 for air.
    "Son of Adam will never fill a worst pot for himself than his stomach"
    (prophet Muhammad pbuh)

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