1. Are you born yesterday, you don´t think women have sex??!! What the fuck is that all about?? How can you do that, filter it that much for you, so you loose that much of a grade??! We have more sex than you, as we can keep it nicer, too!! You´re weird looking now, if you don´t think that women has sex even, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS, WHERE DID YOU ALL HIDE, THIS IS TO LOW FOR THE RACE, WATCH IT SO THAT YOU DON´T GET TO GO OUTSIDE OF THE RACE!!! WHY ARE YOU WEARY LIKE THIS??? ROUGH AROUND THE EDGES!!! I CALL YOU THAT!!! WHAT´S GOING ON ROUGHIE??? WHY ARE YOU SO BLAND??? WE CAN´T STAND THIS ANY MORE, THAT A MAN, A REGULAR MAN, DOESN´T KNOW THAT WOMEN HAVE SEX, WHY DON´T YOU GET TO COME THERE???? OH COME ON, SHAPE UP, WE NEED TO CHUCK YOU OUT OTHERWISE!! OF THE RACE THAT IS!!! COME ON, PLASÉ, DO IT NOW!!! COME ON DUDE, ARE YOU FUCKED OR WHAT??? YOU´RE SO DROWSY, YOU´RE ALMOST JESUS, WE DON´T LIKE JESUS!!!! COME ON, SHAPE UP!!! YOU LOOK SNARLY!!! DON´T GET LAID THEN!!! FIX YOUR PROBLEMS NOW!!! CHEERS JENNY

  2. We´re told that we´re only good at talking!! I sold for 20 million Swedish Crowns when I tried out sales, at an advertising agency, the same as 200.000 Euros!! It took me only 5 months, and 4 customers!! And I was new at it too, first time I tried out sales!! It went on for a period of 10 years, after only seeing 4 customers!! One of them could go to our Advertising agency, owned by the Kardashians themselves, in other bodies, in my home town Boras, Sweden! The otherones had to go to other avertising agencies for security reasons, as it´s not so safe to buy from everyone, if you´re a company!! So they went to 4 different agencies, to buy marketing, that I sold to them!! They usually go with project leaders, and tries to sell things, big, heavy priced things, such as marketing, without giving the customer the least hint of a price to count on too!! I could only stay for as little as 5 months, because I was threatened by a horse attack, that would lead to a wheelchair accident, that I would be stuck to forever!! So listen, we are VERY DEPRESSED HERE, THE WOMEN, WE ARE NOT CALLED THE LADIES, OR MADAME, OR ANYTHING ELSE DEGRADING, SUCH AS FATSIE, OR FATTIE, OR FATTMO, or anything like that!! This is VERY DEGRADING, hinting at that we only have babies as us, for you!! The men, and that you own everything else, as a desired behave reason!! So let us in as the same thing as you please!! We´re made in the same way, with the same features, but we don´t ever get to come with them, why not?? How much do you know about this too??? Please let us go llke this, the different races too!!! We want to come too, otherwise there´s no babies made after this!!! What should we do?? Have NOTHING, do NOTHING, be NOTHING, crave NOTHING!!! So when you all want to go shagging, then you don´t get to think about little old starve me, as you call us, and calls on a man instead, for weary fantasies, of a different kind, ha??!!! What is that all about??? It´s so strange here!! We don´t like it at all!! Are you taken over by another race or so??? What´s going on??? The moms don´t like you, because of your monopoly!!! How could we stand that??? Please give us a reason!!! We can´t stand it!!! Fuck off otherwise!! We fuck you much, but only if you are clear in your head about what you´re doing to us!! We have the same sex drive as you people!!! Why don´t you use it, you only just abuse it, don´t you, most of you!!! With shit words, about fat and steamy!! Then we don´t want you, and you can´t get our hole open!!! What the fuck is that all about??? We save you NOT!!! You need to move out then!!! I HATE HAVING KIDS, I GET BULLIED FOR IT SOOOOOOOOOO HARD, YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!! I HATE YOU THEN, THE WEIRDOS!! CHEERS PISSED OFF ME, JENNY

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