1. Let me just start by saying I absolutely love your videos and how informative you are. Keep it coming. I do have one question. I've read where you should do static stretching only after leg workout and dynamic or fast stretching before. Not sure if it's really called dynamic but it's more of a fast stretch. My explanation makes mo sense at all lol. Anyway, I thought I had a question but I guess it's very clear you can stretch before and after leg workouts since it's being done here. Thanks again. If you have any idea of what I'm talking about please reply lol.

  2. I would **LOVE** you to add to this a collection of workout videos with each major muscle group: legs, back, arms, chest, and core. Also which muscles groups can be combined if you have a longer work out session? One at home routine and one gym routine with each muscle group pointing out the do's and don'ts while lifting weights or using machines to outline safe and proper form. Most of the trainers at gyms are guys specializing in exercises that benefit a masculine physique. I need the best exercises to focus my time to bring out my ASSets as a woman! 😉

    Also I would really appreciate more exercises that specifically target the transverse abdominis used to help correct dialysis recti. Never heard of the tummy vacuum prior to you! What a fantastic exercise!!!! 😍 If you know anything about this topic please consider a specific workout video on that topic.

    Keep up the great work. Thanks! 💗

  3. Praying to the booty Gods LOL. Yes yes. I already have a big butt, however I follow your workouts and my booty is MUCH rounder. Love it. Keep dishing out the knowledge! You’re wonderful:)

  4. This was G r e a t. I am feeling soreness in spots I never even knew I could feel, especially after just having done the workout.. This is coming from someone who works out daily. Thank you!

  5. Thank you!! I just commented on your Instagram that I wish I could go to the gym to train and there u go, the perfect home workout. My deadly one, the one where I scream all the time is the one before the last one, even without the weight in the beginning. Then I use the ankle weights and gosh, I die but it's worth it 😀 I need to check your other videos now, if not, please do a before and after "what to eat as there are so many people who don't have a clue, including me. I'm Italian and we…well…. live out of pasta basically and don't care a lot about counting calories (I never did and I don't know how to do it), it would be great so that I can eat enough and properly. Thanks for this amazing workout!

  6. I love it! Been doing another booty workout for two months now but I feel yours is stronger than others… I'm sweating more but my butt isn't burning after couple minutes…
    A little tips : could you keep the name and the reps through the exercises? Just to remind us how much we have to do while doing it, that would be awesome!

  7. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 😍 I am a mom of 3 with epilepsy and I can not drive and I've always been athletic but after having a seizure on a treadmill ( yep, running 10sec sprints at that! You can imagine how the security footage must have been!🤦) I became very anxious about any kind of physical activity because we are always told "in order to lose weight you have to do loads of cardio"! But, watching your videos has changed everything! Yes, I still have to do everything at home. But, you have given me new hope and a new game plan and I can't thank you enough for that❣️

  8. Shelly love your workouts. Can you do a complete one for thighs — especially inner thighs? I would like a workout for at home. Also, can you include the link to your bands?
    love you!

  9. I Just found your channel I’m desperate for results I been following YouTubers for a while and on one of you videos I loved what u said I just subscribed and hope to be in this journey with u I’m cero knowledge but u just gave me a great vibe ❤️

  10. Awesome video, I've been doing more reps of the exercises in the video to get a longer workout, and doing the glute activation before hand and have already seen tiny results over the past 2 weeks!!!

  11. Lol I turn 63 next week went onto keto in January lost weight all over awesome!! But I have a pancake where my saggy little butt was 😂 and loose everywhere else going to try and follow all your at home exercise,

  12. I have NEVER felt my butt working like that!! I love you and your videos!! Thank you so so much!! Could you do a video soon on how to get really sculpted and toned legs? Keep these videos coming, you are awesome!!

  13. Hello,
    New subscriber here

    Have been working on mu gluts for months but have not seen results yet.

    Will incorporate your suggestions and follow work out routines.


  14. Wow. Couldn't even begin to do that. Lol. But liked it. I'm disabled, like n bed. A video on abs and lower abs please! I lost 35 pounds. Cannot lose any more….stalled. but got that huge ass gut. Please help. Thank you.
    P.s. cannot get on floor..bed only

  15. Growing my booty has been the hardest! I really hope I’m
    Able to put your tips into practice to see some results! Definitely starting with this work out!

  16. Hiii please do a how to remove inner thigh fats and saddlebags! Please please please! Ive seen and tried many videos about it but i dont feel the burn in those areas

  17. Would love more of these please 🙏🏻 I just smashed this out before doing the school run, it’s short but effective and I’m feeling the burn in all the right places! Thanks Shelly x

  18. Love this video! It is very fast paced though and I find it hard to keep up. I stop the video but I wish the transitions were a tiny bit longer. I have hips, lower back, knees and ankle issues and so it takes me time to get the right posture as to not hurt myself and by the time I'm ready it's the next exercise. I don't have a bench so I have to adapt some exercises. Maybe when I get used to it I'll keep up a bit better. I like how not boring it is though!

  19. Im gonna do all her workouts starting tomorrow and do a 1 month transformation post. Im 86 lbs down and finally at 124 lbs and i lost my entire booty so im ready

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