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  2. Recently, there have been some changes at my work, and now I have to spend HOURS at my desk doing computer work which I feel is literally shortening my life!! (Even my blood pressure is slightly elevated, which I feel is from the sedentary work and lack of movement.) Some of these movements would be weird in my office, but what I do is I go to the bathroom and spend about 5 to 8 minutes on various low or no impact cardio moves, or very lightly do some jumping jacks just to get moving. I also WALK for my lunch hour – rain or shine. I might stop somewhere to get a quick bite to eat (a sandwich or burrito – something that may take only 1/2 hour to eat – less time than that even better). Then I spend the rest of the time walking. Besides the fitness issue, it’s also de-stressing and seems to clear the clutter from my head of things I’m focused on at work. Everyone has to be proactive about their health, because your bosses certainly don’t give a damn and you’ll end up suffering later with your health!!

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  4. Here is the break down roughly:
    3 Min Stretch 45 sec each:
    1.Side Bend
    2. Chest Opener
    3. Quad Stretch
    4. Hamstring Stretch

    5 Min Strength Training: 43 Seconds each – 15 seconds for pulses
    1. Reverse Lunch
    2. Incline Push Up
    3. Squat
    4. Tri-cep Push up

    2 Min Stretch 24 Seconds Each
    1. Tricep Stretch
    2. Figure 4 Stretch
    3. Seated Cat/COW
    4. Shoulder Roll
    5. Neck Stretch

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