1. My wife is a complete ipad beginner. She watched this twice, and now she has gone from being petrified to break the ipad to being surprisingly comfortable with it! Chuck's sense of humor is a wonderful surprise too. Best tech video I have EVER seen. You, my boy, are AWESOMESAUCE!!!

  2. im sorry but you talk to fast andsay a lot of unnecessary words. organize, slow down and leave out extraneous words. i suggest an outline and run through before recording. thanks for the effort.

  3. I used my old iPad 7 yrs and just got the 2018. unfortunately it wont connect to my wifi. refuses to take my wifi password. wifi cant help bc i dont have their equip, router and modem companies cant help and zpple doesnt have a clue. I finally got through on the hotspot but I get msgs saying unsafe, switch to a safer wifi. Since Im an ID theft target I get off the hot spot, so I really cant use my Ipad. Any suggestions?

  4. Simple and effective. No matter how many years you've worked with PCs, getting your hands on one of these feels so foreign. The whole way of navigating it is quite different, especially getting into the habit of going back to the home screen regularly.

  5. I need help with getting my Hulu videos back to full screen. For some reason it’s only letting me watch rectangle size screen instead of full screen. I have no idea what I pressed that changed it that way. Help please. Thanks

  6. Your English is so fast and familiar that probably thousands of users, non native speakers from around the world that need this information have came out frustrated by the speed. And even if it is for beginners, you give some basic things for granted. You should have a 'dummy' at your side when you prepare videos for real 'beginners'. Thanks anyway!

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