1. It is really strong, but I want to show you a sport that we have in my land, the Basque country, in northern Spain. Here we have several strength sports, specifically stone lifting, I'm going to show you our best current lifter, Inaxio Perurena. He is not so muscular, he does not have that appearance of brute force, but he is able to lift up to the shoulder 308 Kg and for this heats up lifting 200 and 250kg several times. His father came to lift 320kg. I think it's a little known sport and that's why I bring it to you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIcLDp88sKM

  2. not bad, – ALTHOUGH –
    Shame no one remembers that back in 1957 Paul Anderson from Taccoa Ga. in a (back lift) lifted 6280 lbs without any special equipment they have today, and was 100% self trained. Strongest Man to Ever Walk the Face of the Earth. No one will ever surpass him.

  3. That's pretty much the face my mum used to pull when getting off the bus with the week's shopping. She says it was at least a tonne, so you've got another 500kg mate. Ha, in all seriousness Eddie Hall is such an inspiration that even when I'm lifting wimpy weights, I think of him with his crazy feats of strength to push me further.

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