1. Edge, are u secretley preparing for a return?? I know the rumors are going???? I would like to see the rrs back with his humor and charisma, if u do please be the funny heel u were always were!! And sheamus I told u before; bro u have on hell of a physique for your age and it would be great if you would return also. Wwe need u guys!!! I also want christian back and tell vince to fuck himself about the opinion he has about christian. U all 3 guys in their 40,ies who are a lot better then the younger generation has to offer!!!
    Mayb a stable of all 4 of your guys? Surprise royal rumble entrance???? Please make it happen! Edge vs rock? Sheamus vs hhh?? Christian (and i mean a good booked christian) vs cesaro?

    Make it happen!!!! And so not u guys can go to aew😁😁😁

  2. My main take away from this video, Edge has a nice collection of old school skate decks on the wall.
    And his main inspiration to stay healthy is his kids! My kids and the hope to someday have some grand kids is my inspiration to stay fit as well.

  3. Hope rumours of edge return are true and hope big sheamo coming back need him back in the ring to take out some of these nuggets there using 2 legends and what a tag team they would make rated r fella 😜

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