1. What? You played the gravity falls opener and didn’t mention Bill Cypher? Lol great video very useful and it did help get me in the mindset to work out.

  2. I've gotta say, I've been using this warm up for the past month combined with your Baki and Guts workouts and I can definitely see results. I've gone from a skinny fat with bone thin arms to actually having decent mass on my arms with veins popping and almost having abs. Even my friends have pointed it out asking if I have been working out. Thanks JaxBlade!!

  3. Jax Thanks so much for this. This Gives me a bit of sweat before the Baki workout. Really helps a bunch. I've gotten a bit ripped and stuff from your Mikasa/Almight fit like the toons videos. You have really changed my life around and I am walking around with more energy and a bit more swagger. Thanks 120%.

  4. so I want to stat working out have a really fast metabolism I weigh 95 pounds and im still a teen what should I do (Note aiming more for a bruce lee type look not a body builder)

  5. Not sure which one I like better, I’ve been doing the first one for two months before all my workouts. I’ll be switching it up and seeing if it improves the Mikasa workout you made. Thanks Jax!

    P.S. The Megamix song at the end gave me some serious nostalgia shivers. Simpler times…

  6. Ooo, nice Fender J-Bass in the background there! What model?

    Also, I've recently found myself working isolated arm circles (think swimming motions) into my warm-ups and I've found that they help get a bit of an extra stretch on the lats and chest as you can focus more on crossing midline. Any thoughts on that?

  7. Is their any way to train my heart because every time I jog my heart is the one most worn out not my legs, I'm wondering if theirs a workout for my heart

  8. Hear you on the adult stuff man. Huge thank you for a follow along warmup. For me it's usually the biggest roadblock for my motivation. Once I start I might as well continue, it's just getting going in the morning. So huge thank you and another video to watch every day with.

  9. I know it's not quite anime but would you ever make a workout video on undyne? Fromundertake. Her workout maybe warrior style. Idk thought it would he a cool idea.


    Slow Burpee (30 secs)
    Heisman Quick Feet (30 secs) [1, 2, 3, Quick Feet]
    Shoulder Circles (Forward 15 secs, Backward 15 secs)
    Knee Circles (In 15 secs, Out 15 secs)
    Walk in/Walk out Pushups (30 secs)
    T High Knees (30 secs)
    Neck Circles (Left 15 secs, Right 15 secs)
    Chair (Partial) Squat to Calf Raise (30 secs)
    Jane Fondas (Left Leg 15 secs, Right Leg 15 secs)
    Left/Right/Middle Stretches (Left 10 secs, Right 10 secs, Middle 10 secs)

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