1. Very creative and artistic ladies. Seems UK need to up the anti 😉 Some really nice clean, strong work there!!!! Ha and some idiots disliked the vid – intimidated by your awesomeness 😉 Really impressed and makes me feel I need to up the anti to 🙂 Keep it coming

  2. hello a question, for a barstarzz cap or T-shirt, as I can get it? and I saw many people from different places with no hats or shirts that come in the store and looking for me, I live in Spain 

  3. Don't mean to disrespect or anything but…
    Most of the moves are accomplished with momentum, form is not that good etc.
    I think it's great that women are interested in this sport. But I think that most of the male athletes' performance is better. I think it's a bit odd.

  4. I was jus about to say the same thing but the last guy beat me to it. Incredible work ! Whoeva disliked just mad they can't do that type of shyt! Haters…

  5. where I live we have bars aswell, however, I'm 6'4" and I don't have to jump to even reach those bars = can barely do any exercises which includes straight arms… Sucks really bad..
    anyhow, great job ladies!

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