1. This movie, to be honest, kind of wasting time. The key point, Ray's love get killed at the beginning, the Luo Shen comes, and another man i dont remember the name, the relationship is complex thing at this movie, then the revenge kid make the revenge with nothing, solo killed by Ray without gun, what a joke, and, the actor Jin Zhang's Chinese Kong Fu, that is the best part in the movie I thought, about the rest of them, shit. As to the name, Devil Station, nothing about it, it is actually just a building, a normal prison, they just walk into the station, oh, landmine and boom? May be the revenge kid doesn't have the station map, he doesn't know someone can get into there by tunnels. And his revenge group, is that a group? I don't understand he could make the revenge with five people for Ray. In conclusion, if you just watched the first and second movie and want to know what's going on there on the third, so that is it. After all, I spent 5 dollars for this movie without my brain, shamed on myself. The money for Stallone, not this movie.

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