1. Ramdev baba bhut dino se ni dikh re yoga day pr b ni dikhe suna h foreign me treatment kra re h wo b chori chupe jis se logo ka believe bna re

  2. Last 23 years , I do regular physical exercises and yoga like activities, ( must admit without watching any yoga video of Baba Ramdev, this is the first complete one, I watched) and once a week for jogging. Therefore, I never need to go check up for Doctor, except minor skin allergic reaction that rearly occurs. And beside, eventhough my beloved, herself a medical Dr. she never need to check up once for blood pressure or whats so ever, untill now.
    Oh Lord , give me just strength and descipline that I can continue daily untill my last breath stop itself, and pass away peacefully forever!!!
    I learn few asanas steps which are slightly different . Hence worth to try . Thank you , Baba Ramdev, tv crue members.
    Jay Shree Ram!

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