1. That you for these workouts. I never have liked to exercise but i want to get back down to the 130s again. After i had kids i have about 30 pounds to lose.

  2. I followed "loose a dress size" and I feel my waist has gotten smaller; I've also do your legs with the dress size video and I'm on a roll. Now I have this, thanks so much for your easy videos, 7 minutes and doing 2-4 videos works out so much better for me.

  3. I am going to start this!! I'll do the belly workout on weekends in the morning and the leg workout at night. On weekdays i will only do the bellyfat one. On Wednesdays and Fridays i would do the bellyfat along with the arms+ waist workout and then ill switch to doing the morning workout on weekend mornings and the bellyfat and leg workout at weekend nights !! Best of luck to everyone !!

  4. Thank you lucy I dropped 2.5 kilos in only 10 days by doing your videos I still didn't measure my waist but really I don't have to because it's obvious that i have lost at least 1.5 inches ..
    I know all you people going to ask what i did ..
    I did 3 videos of cardio , 7 days lose 1 to 2 inches of belly fat , 7 days of losing back fat and this video over here .. i cut sugar and have little carbs and walked 10.000 steps every day 🙂

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