1. I will keep updated, just incase any of you guys out there are still doubtful ^-^!
    Day 1~ I just watching the video and tried out the excersizes.
    Day 2~ There wasn't any major differences..
    Day 3~

  2. Well, quite liked this video…a newness was there. Blowing kisses? Wow, that's a new thing for me as a facial exrecise. One thing i really am thankful about is this video didn't promote any merchandise (thank God). And one last thing i found as a respite is surely the fennel seeds as a replacement of chewing gum which always worried me of its sugar contents. Great going. A thumb's up frm me !!!

  3. For No5 how many times do I have to repeat? Also very helpful vid!!! If i'm going to do all these excercises, how many cycles (1 cycle as in all 6 excercises) should i do per day? I"m thinking twice per day

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