1. oh baby, we would have been excited too… Sometimes comments get under my skin but I try to tell myself that this person is trying to show me love and not to take it negatively. But I have deleted a couple comments cause that's my way of letting them know (Jay-Z quote) He who does not feel me is not real to me, therefore he doesn't exist, so poof vamoose SOB! Love ya

  2. I’m so sorry someone gave you grief 😔 I’m so glad you educated them with the definition. Fasting IS safe. Millions of Americans do it EVERY day….before surgeries, before fasted blood glucose tests at the doctors….it’s safe if done carefully and with electrolytes especially (snake juice). By the way you look absolutely amazing today and so skinny and I am so inspired by you you were going to be at 199 so soon!!!

  3. Mieka, Thank you, Thank You, Thank you, I recieved my gift via Paypal, I sincerely appreciate and I am grateful for the gift. Have a fruitful day to you and your family. I love Bruce Lee. Be like water my Friend! Sending you joy and peace!

  4. So amazing!!! I just started a 100 day water fast today (we'll see lol, I know it's insane). You're awesome! It's silly to think abstaining from food for 20 out of 24 hours isn't fasting, or that not eating for 1 out of 7 days isn't fasting.

  5. Happy knowledge wisdom and understanding day of your fast! 👍🏾 The definition explained it all. It's your journey so you do what works for you. Plus you do tell your subscribers in your videos don't do what you do and to make better choices. Someone commented without watching your videos. I absolutely love garlic mashed cauliflower!!! All those hairstyles were nice.

  6. There are militants in every group, including our fasting family. Pay no mind and do you boo boo. Technically you are fasting from overeating, so yeah 🧸 I’ll make a video about this eventually.

  7. Redefining words, please. Word aren't sacred, language changes all the time. You get to do what you want with the way you eat and your life! Don't let people get to you. You are awesome, and are doing great!

  8. You've come down from 273 pounds your fasting methods are working for you and that's whats most important. Im inspired by your dedication to fasting and the results fasting has provided by way of weight loss. Your menu from yesterday sounds the BOMB🤗, 4 Clients at the end like I say all the time your hands are gifted…💯💯

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