1. My way is to make most of your load out goblins 2 or 3 skeleton with bombs and 6-12 archers I’m in town hall 6 I get over 100,000 gold and elixir every time I find a base with both the only fret to the goblins is mortar if it lands in a group of them
    Also a group of 96 goblins can destroy a town hall in a few secs
    Edit: and this is without any spells

  2. Lots of dead account in c.o.c. so best way to farm is get an army of goblins and attack bases with full mines and pumps(dead bases). With this method I've kept my storages full all the time. While using a maximum of 96,000 elixir each raid

  3. I hope u guys we’ll subscribe to me that would really help me out I know it’s Fortnite videos but I’ll be putting clash of clans of video soon

  4. This video is so wrong. You spend 300k elex each attack with this „awesome“ tips.
    Guys listen: 240 archers worth 100k, no spells at all, sit in gold lll trophy range, look for dead bases (where all the loot is in the miners and pumps), use both thumps to place the archers in one motion around the base, enjoy the loot, repeat in 20min or less.

  5. Hey if anyone needs a clan I have an clan with 5 of my accounts I war everyday feel free to drop in for troops or war… My main account leaves to do clan games in other clans so my main account hops in and out I play daily so feel free to pop by and say hi
    Just search supernovas we are level 2 now and there well be member called mini Daniel and mini Daniel2

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