1. I had applied the IF 16/8 and eating sticking with whole foods (no grains or starches either) for years and it really worked well for me! Now that I'm married, I've seem to have lost my way eating-wise so I'm more than ready to get on track. I started an every other day 24 hour fast on Monday (my husband is out of town LOL) and in 6 days, I've already dropped 4 lbs. Really great talk and super good reminder on getting those fat calories in when breaking your fast. Thank you!

  2. what makes this so powerful is that the staff and Megan have had their own experiences and willing to share. Ive used Intermittent fasting and water fasting to lose 70 pounds. Im currently on Day 4 of a new fast, and this interview is very motivating. THANK YOU for posting

  3. For me fasting was the cure of my pain even when I am sometimes eat sugary food. But yeah keto and fasting are the best tools I've ever seen for health.

  4. I still find it confusing on how much to eat when feasting while still trying to lose the weight. ? I also heard that fasting a week before your cycle may be hard on the hormones?

  5. I'm so excited to find you!!!! I look forward to watching your videos!!!! I'm a big fan of Dr. Fung. I'm currently on day 4 of my first long fast thanks to him! I love intermittent fasting, also thanks to him. Keep making wonderful videos!!! Love from Vermont

  6. Any thoughts on insulin resistance getting worse after being on keto for several months? My fasting blood sugar is higher and ketones are lower than when I first started. I'm eating mostly carnivore with a leafy salad a couple times a week.

  7. Lurve Megan, too! #RamosFan #IDMFan I have been doing a Healthy Keto & IF Lifestyle since 06/25/2017 (starting off very metabolically challenged & sick with obesity-related conditions and taking 8 different medication each day to "manage" them…weighed 250 lbs and am just under 5'6" tall). Today I weighed in at 134.4 lbs (115.6 lbs lost). I began implementing a monthly prolonged fasting period of 5 days last month and am near the end of my prolonged fast for January right now. Off all my medications and never felt better. I am turning 60 years old later in the year and am very excited about the future! Great interview! I ALWAYS learn something new when watching interviews with Megan or Dr. Fung. ๐Ÿ™‚ <3

  8. What a great video. Wonderful information. Loved the Suffocating Insulin analogy and resetting the Set Point. Dr. Fung uses this analogy a lot. M. Ramos – great interview.

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