1. Hey Jessica! I just discovered you, and this video is the first of yours that I've done. I absolutely loved it! I stacked it with a 40 min dumbbell strength workout of yours, and I got an awesome workout this morning!
    I am looking forward to many more workouts with you and Peanut (who is adorable BTW!). I really like your personality, and your style of presenting the moves. You're very motivating, friendly and engaging, and a real professional.
    Thank you !

  2. Day 4 of Flat Abs challenge DONE! I had to take several breaks to catch my breath a little, but I finished, and I finished strong! I never would have pushed myself this hard on my own. Thank you JS and team!

  3. Loved this workout Jessica. You even make HiiT fun. I jumped the lunges today for the first time ever. That is progress. ?. Thanks Jessica for everything you are doing for us.

  4. This is my go to cardio. I only workout to Jessica. She n peanut r my workout partners. I am disappointed when I go to anyone else. Love Jessica's energy, approachleness. If you guys like this one, try indoor jog, more steady state but a goodie.
    I ❤ Jessica and Miss Peanut!

  5. thank you so much for a hiit workout for those of us with knee issues! i love that some of these could be done without pain even before modifying! thank you thank you.

  6. Hi, Jessica. I came back to this video because I didn't have the abs workouts listed on the master rotation. So far this week, I've felt like I've been killing my workouts, but this one humbled me a little bit. I started jogging this week using the C25K app, so I jogged first this morning, but I don't think that baby jog impacted my ability–or lack of ability–to do this workout. Even though this one was tough, I know I'm making a lot of progress, so the tough ones don't scare me off anymore. Now I know how to use them as diagnostic tools and to intersperse them with ones that aren't quite so challenging. Yesterday, I did Lower Body Sculpt using 15# weights for the "heavy weight" section, with the exception of the one-legged squats, so I know I'm improving! Thanks for pushing me!

  7. I have been doing mostly workouts from your DVDs lately, so I decided to browse through the youtube videos for a change of pace. When I saw the Lose Your Love Handles playlist, I just had to try it. I remember seeing it a while back, but hadn't made the commitment to regular exercise at that time and I know for sure I've never done this one before. I am a sweaty mess right now! I tried to do a mixture of high and low impact, but I did all the ones that were "plank-like" on the chair. You wore me out today, Jessica! Thanks!

  8. I am loving all of your workouts! I really enjoy how you stay so positive throughout.  It keeps me moving!  When I do the standing ab moves I begin to feel it in my hip flexors as well as my abs.  Is this normal and okay?  I guess it's a sign that my abs are getting tired if I'm using more of my leg muscles.  It doesn't hurt it just feels like a good muscle burn.  Thank you!

  9. Yep, I'm a sweaty mess!  You could say I'm sparkling or my fat is crying, but really, I'm a sweaty mess!  Decided to do this 31 Day Ab Challenge for December!  So far I've stayed a sweaty mess much to Sassy's delight!  She loves her Mommy salt lick!

  10. i am your biggest fan from pakistan. your workouts are so very organised n challenging. dey have helped me shed post preggy weight n staying in shape. if u could add some dietary advice in too!!! that ll be gr8

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